On a cold mid western Saturday in the middle of winter, what are a group of classic boat enthusiasts going to do? If you are a member of the Mississippi Valley Chapter the answer is easy, take a trip to Bill Anderson’s classic boat museum in central Illinois. A small group of us went to see Bill and the latest additions to his collection. Some of us had been there a couple of years ago and we were all amazed to see how many boats he had added in such a short time. The thing that seems even more amazing is how well each of these boats have been restored in such a short time. There is not a single boat that is not top show quality. How many boats does he have? Well I forgot to count but there has got to be least forty inside the showroom. He also has number of unrestored boats outside waiting for restoration and maybe for space inside because his building seems to be running out of space.

As you can see below, Bill is a fiberglass enthusiast and the wilder the boat the better he likes it. He does not seem to be interested in your basic “normal” boat styling. This of course puts many of his boats in the “big fin” 1950’s era. Bill also has a large collection of outboard motors which we were also able to see.

Bill topped off his hospitality by treating us to a great pizza luncheon at a restaurant across the street from the museum. I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon.